Rasheed’s Short Story Descriptions


Dere Plus

Gaiji, a happy-go-lucky but unpopular high school student, wants nothing more than to relax and spend time with his digital waifus. One day, his wildest of fantasies comes to life, as he is somehow transported into the world of his newest Dating Simulator, a game titled “Dere Plus.” However, things are not a peachy as they initially seem to be, as the game’s plot takes a cruel twist, and Gaiji finds himself dating for his very life.

Gaiji’s struggle will be one of both survival and social behavior. Being someone who almost never talks to people outside of school (and does not talk a lot on school, to begin with), he gets through the dating sims he plays by simply picking from the option boxes presented to him. But now that he is in the game itself, there are no “option boxes” to be seen. He must learn to deal with his social awkwardness, and persuade, humor, and romance the girls in the game, lest he gets repeatedly stabbed.

The story, setting, and characters are all heavily influnced by otaku culture. As with most stories regarding this culture, it will explore themes of escapism and tell a coming of age story of sorts, albeit in a different way than normal. It will also discuss issues related to video games and video game culture, such as attachment to the fictional and deception. As a tale of otakus, love, and bloodshed, Dere Plus will be THE manga for those who feel their romantic comedies could use a lot less laughs and a lot more stabbing.

Krushicus the Unimpressive 

Krushicus, a mighty evil robot, has come to the Land of Unimpressed Dinosaurs, to rule over them with an iron fist. An evil fist. An evil iron fist! Unfortunately, he has one major weakness: His issue with self-image. If he cannot see people flee in terror and grovel at their feet before him, then he feels there is no point in doing anything. Even more unfortunately, the “Land of Unimpressed Dinosaurs” lives up to its name, as no one cares about Krushicus or his villainy. Krushicus must find a way to get the citizens of the Land of Unimpressed Dinosaurs to care about him, so he gains the motivation to rule over them. Meanwhile, he must beware of a heroic robot named Punchicus, who also has a self-image issue, and is convinced that battling a villain will make the citizens love and revere him. Will he be able to spread fear in his name? Will he be able to overcome the inevitable challenge of Punchicus? Will he breakdown in an identity crisis and turn the story into a tale of self discovery halfway through? Probably not, but the first two are still possible!

Krushicus the Unimpressive is a tale of villainy so vile that the it will use pictures of figures instead of drawn characters, because such evil defies two dimensions. As a comedy, it will contain a story to keep readers interested, but without containing a message or precise point, because villainy speak for itself, and does not require such puny mortal conventions. Krushicus the Unimpressive will be the comic to change the world, by showcasing the most powerful of all emotions: Indifference!


The final four (classes)


Pitch Day went well (albeit quickly) and everyone shared some really great ideas. Now we begin the process of taking your ideas and making them into full comics. The feedback you received today should guide you in revising your loglines, which should be constantly evolving along with your proposal. Nothing is finished yet, however with only 4 classes left, each day is designed to get you closer to your final goal. We will have brief lectures/Prezis as well, but a good portion of our remaining class time is devoted to sharing, discussing, and revising your ideas.

Here is the timeline for the rest of our course:

Wednesday (6/3) Workshop your ideas

  • (by Tuesday 6/2) Post 2-3 paragraphs describing the setting, tone/genre, and characters of your world to this blog. Consult the pitch documents for CHEW and SHOOT FIRST as examples.
  • In class, you will share your portfolio drafts (logline, image, 2-3 paragraph description) with classmates and get feedback.
  • Based on your discussions, you should be able to select which idea you want to focus on for your final project. It can be the idea with the most commercial appeal, the one you are most excited to tell, or the one your classmates want to see, but it’s time to devote your attention to one idea.

Over the weekend, write your script for 5 pages of your story. For an example of comic script formatting, click here: http://images.darkhorse.com/darkhorse08/company/submissions/ghost_sample_comic_script.pdf

Monday (6/8) Workshop your script

We will read each other’s scripts and discuss how to make the images, words, characters, or ideas more clear.

Wednesday (6/10) Workshop your pages

We will share three pages (or two pages and a cover) with your fellow classmates. This is your last chance for feedback before…

Monday (6/15) – Turn in final project

Quinn’s Loglines



It’s only surreal if it’s noticeable. Each with an absurd and surreal character trait that no one seems to notice, a group of art gallery co-workers highlight the joy in day to day existence through the relationships we build with one another.


Challenging the social norm, an upstart comic artist who is becoming prominent in her field finds herself stalked by a monster of her own making. Through the struggle of sexuality and societal expectations she is forced to face her most dangerous opponent to survive.


A detective, sworn to protect the innocent from themselves, realizes she isn’t saving those she incarcerates but instead feeding a corrupt system that is inevitably widening the gap between those who have and those who don’t.


Betrayed and underestimated, a forgotten experiment must never reveal she knows the truth behind her creation. From within the confines of her creators she works to unravel their power and bring vengeance to the pain they’ve caused her and those like her.

Your final project


This post includes three important updates: The description of your final project, a link to resources, and our in-class assignment for Monday (6/1).

1) For your final project (due the last day of class – June 16th), you will develop a complete comic proposal. Based on the standards used by Image Comics (https://imagecomics.com/about/submissions), each of you will submit the following:

  • Typewritten cover letter (contact information and introduction to you)
  • The logline for your idea (1-3 sentence pitch, focused on character)
  • One-Page synopsis of the overall story (arcs, characters, themes, etc)
  • Photocopies of (at least) 5 fully-inked and lettered pages (color optional)
  • Cover mock-up (Logo, design, marketing to your audience)

2) The Prezi from Wednesday (5/27) includes some examples and definitions of the key components. Also, the logline is an aspect of the pitch that is listed as a separate component for us, but can be included in the cover letter or one-page synopsis.

PREZI for 5/27: http://prezi.com/lw-obho76jdt/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

3) On Monday (6/1) each of you will be responsible for pitching at least two ideas to your fellow classmates, though it is best if you write loglines for multiple ideas (4 or more) so you can select your best options for the classroom pitch.

A good pitch should be short (1-3 sentences) and should introduce the main character and story in a way that entices your audience to want to know more. In addition to your logline, you should include some type of visual accompaniment (a logo, character portrait, a Google image that is relevant, etc). As an example, here is my pitch for the idea I discussed in class.


Logline: Extinct car models get a second life in the Jurassic Junkyard where they are repurposed as instruments of destruction for Dino Destruction Derby. Four Dinosaur friends form a rag-tag gang of car enthusiasts intent on winning the derby crown and toppling the reign of the evil Truck-o-Saurus.


Here is the assignment for Monday (6/1) as it is written in the Prezi.

1) Revisit your 4 ideas (old, new, borrowed, blue) or come up with new ones.

2) Develop a 1-3 sentence logline for (at least) four ideas.

3) Include an image for each (can be a logo, character portrait, Google image, etc)

4) You will pitch your two best ideas to your classmates on Monday.

Comic Squares- Quinn



First one is a character from a while ago named Umbre. The second is from Artscapades, a comic I’m currently working on (and will most likely be the one I use for class) about the going-ons at my job. The third is Wonder Woman and the fourth was just a color study to see if I could make a “blue scene” without using any cool tones.