Your weekend of writing


Hello all,

In class on Wednesday (6/3) everyone was paired up for peer review of your IDS 180 comics. Here is a link to the Peer Review for comic script everyone will fill out for their partner and return to them on Monday.

Now that we have practiced our pitches, everyone will write out the full script for 5-pages of their comic and share it with a classmate. By this Friday (11:59pm on June 5th), you should email your partner your script for the first 5 pages of your comic (and CC me at

Here is the link to today’s Prezi: 

Also, here is a link to a full comic script example if you would like a reference point:

I look forward to seeing your scripts and please let me know if you have any questions.


As creator:

  • Email your partner your script for (at least) 5 pages by Friday (11:59pm on June 5th)
  • CC me (

As responder:

  • Fill out the peer review sheet for Monday
  • We will discuss feedback in class

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