The Couch- Elma



A nameless young man living on his own in a gloomy apartment has nothing left of his family but a dingy floral couch. The couch has been passed down from generation to generation after each of their deaths. He can choose to start and end his legacy on the couch like his ancestors or he can get up and accept a different fate.

I plan for the whole comic to take place inside of the main characters apartment. The apartment is run down, small, and not much to look at. A large single window is in the living area where the couch is. There is nothing special about the couch asides from that it has been in the family for years and it’s a representation of this safety/comfort that makes leaving it, and the community that it has remained in for years, difficult. His ancestors never amounted to anything, never left the community, and died without leaving anything behind. Just the couch. It is as if they never existed and dissolved into the cushions of the hideous floral disaster. Our nameless character realizes that this will be his fate as he wakes up one morning and repeats another unremarkable day that is empty.

I want the tone to be very gloomy at the beginning, dark rooms, dull colors, and very mundane. However the end will be very bright because of what will happen to the couch. Long story short, it will be thrown out of the single window that is in the living room and thus putting the man in light and flooding his dark apartment with sunshine as well. Symbolism ahoy!

The nameless man is in his early 20s. He’s got dark features and green eyes, on the thinner side. He’s a product of his environment. His parents never gave him anything to look up to so he never aspired to anything more.


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