Maddie’s Logline Expanded


A big shot football playing college student, Derek Burton works his way through his senior year as a self identifying feminist amongst his closest friends who are quite the opposite. He exists through each day choosing moments to educate and moments to blend in as he finally has realized that his uniquely intersectional identity can be used as a uniquely impactful tool for social change.

This is supposed to reach budding male feminists who don’t realize they’re feminists yet. It should be relatable over anything and I think if it’s relatable it will be intriguing and entertaining. The most untapped group of feminist minds that are essential to the movement are men. I want this main character to create the space for men to understand how feminism can benefit women in a way that they truly and eagerly want to support but I also want it to be extremely relatable in terms of my main characters experiences through a feminist lens.

I will be telling the story through pictures that I take of a male friend of mine. The tone of the story will be expressed through a college campus setting so that my audience can put themselves in the position of whichever character they most identify with.

The rest of my characters will be Derek’s friends, men and women who come from multiple social groups on campus as Derek leads a publicly (publicly, meaning many students recognize the many “hats” he wears as a feminist, student athlete) intersectional student life. He is quarterback of the football team, a Criminal Justice major who also volunteers in the Women’s Center on the weekends and is passionate about all social justice related issues revolving around his lived experiences.

Derek will be working his way through life as a big name on campus, holding himself to a higher standard as a student athlete, breaking barriers for his closest friends who don’t have a voice when it comes to expressing emotion and personal life experiences as they must maintain their masculine “jock” identity.

Main characters that Derek will be experiencing this journey with:

Cam, Derek’s best friend who is a black, gay man and plays on the football team with Derek.

Lilly, Derek’s girlfriend who leads a life similar to Derek. Very involved on campus, Liberal Studies major, works in the LGBTQ resource center, opened Derek’s eyes to the importance of feminism.

Tyler, another friend of Derek’s, grew up in west Michigan on his family’s farm. He identifies as a “country boy” and leads a very conservative and sometimes exclusive life.

Every experience that Derek has while interacting with his friends through this comic will be an educational experience for the reader and the characters. Each experience will be one we all have run into or will run into at some point in life and Derek will help the audience to work through these circumstances in life in a very real and relatable way.



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