Kyra- longline expanded


Genres Sci-fi/adventure/mystery

My longline was

“In a savage post apocalyptic world our protagonist is plagued with debilitating visions of the past Earth. On the verge of succumbing to starvation and exhaustion he is rescued by a mysterious woman. Together they slowly uncover the mystery surrounding their world.”

I want the world to be fairly creepy and mostly kept unexplained. More will be reviled at the end most likely. There will be few pockets of civilization (not advanced) and most people are just trying to survive. A lot of illnesses kill people and irradiated monsters (or something like that, maybe most of the vegetation is poisonous or slowly mutates most people) I’m not too sure on the specifics of the world.

Also my art skill are NOT at all good enough to do this idea justice so I may go with something more suited to my abilities.

  • Character one: Protagonist age 16-24 (I’ll call him Kith for now)
  •  Character 2: older male companion (perhaps a grandfather or someone who has taken Kith in)
  • Character 2 takes Kith in as a young boy who has seen horrors beyond his years (parents death etc) (perhaps he has a phobia or is afraid because of this trauma)
  • Character 2 is very caring and wise, guiding Kith in life, but perhaps isn’t so good at basics e.g.) catching enough food so they go hungry quite often
  • At some point Kith begins to have horrible visions (I don’t know when this will happen, earlier in life when he’s a child or manifesting later) Maybe the visions begin to get worse with age. In any case the visions cause him extreme pain and headaches to the point of debilitation. Kith “sees” things that have to do with death only (maybe because of the trauma suffered in childhood)
  • Character 2 Dies earlyish in the book, leaving protagonist to grow as a person, fend for himself, and face new challenges (starting a new chapter in his life)
  • This is where the story will really take off
  • Kith tries to live on own for a while and be having a lot of trouble
  • Then on the brink of death (there are vultures surrounding him at this point) he is saved by a mysterious woman (I’ll call her Drin for now)
  • Drin is badass and has very proficient survival skills (Maybe at first she thinks Kith is dead and she was going to eat him for food but instead she takes pity and heals him)
  • Drin is a VERY strong female character and takes the lead though most of the story
  • I kind of want the story to focus on their mini adventures and relationship (not romantic) with an overarching larger plot

IMG_5945 IMG_5944 Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.38.40 AMIMG_5946Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.38.04 AM


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