The final four (classes)


Pitch Day went well (albeit quickly) and everyone shared some really great ideas. Now we begin the process of taking your ideas and making them into full comics. The feedback you received today should guide you in revising your loglines, which should be constantly evolving along with your proposal. Nothing is finished yet, however with only 4 classes left, each day is designed to get you closer to your final goal. We will have brief lectures/Prezis as well, but a good portion of our remaining class time is devoted to sharing, discussing, and revising your ideas.

Here is the timeline for the rest of our course:

Wednesday (6/3) Workshop your ideas

  • (by Tuesday 6/2) Post 2-3 paragraphs describing the setting, tone/genre, and characters of your world to this blog. Consult the pitch documents for CHEW and SHOOT FIRST as examples.
  • In class, you will share your portfolio drafts (logline, image, 2-3 paragraph description) with classmates and get feedback.
  • Based on your discussions, you should be able to select which idea you want to focus on for your final project. It can be the idea with the most commercial appeal, the one you are most excited to tell, or the one your classmates want to see, but it’s time to devote your attention to one idea.

Over the weekend, write your script for 5 pages of your story. For an example of comic script formatting, click here:

Monday (6/8) Workshop your script

We will read each other’s scripts and discuss how to make the images, words, characters, or ideas more clear.

Wednesday (6/10) Workshop your pages

We will share three pages (or two pages and a cover) with your fellow classmates. This is your last chance for feedback before…

Monday (6/15) – Turn in final project


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