Quinn’s Loglines



It’s only surreal if it’s noticeable. Each with an absurd and surreal character trait that no one seems to notice, a group of art gallery co-workers highlight the joy in day to day existence through the relationships we build with one another.


Challenging the social norm, an upstart comic artist who is becoming prominent in her field finds herself stalked by a monster of her own making. Through the struggle of sexuality and societal expectations she is forced to face her most dangerous opponent to survive.


A detective, sworn to protect the innocent from themselves, realizes she isn’t saving those she incarcerates but instead feeding a corrupt system that is inevitably widening the gap between those who have and those who don’t.


Betrayed and underestimated, a forgotten experiment must never reveal she knows the truth behind her creation. From within the confines of her creators she works to unravel their power and bring vengeance to the pain they’ve caused her and those like her.


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