Your final project


This post includes three important updates: The description of your final project, a link to resources, and our in-class assignment for Monday (6/1).

1) For your final project (due the last day of class – June 16th), you will develop a complete comic proposal. Based on the standards used by Image Comics (, each of you will submit the following:

  • Typewritten cover letter (contact information and introduction to you)
  • The logline for your idea (1-3 sentence pitch, focused on character)
  • One-Page synopsis of the overall story (arcs, characters, themes, etc)
  • Photocopies of (at least) 5 fully-inked and lettered pages (color optional)
  • Cover mock-up (Logo, design, marketing to your audience)

2) The Prezi from Wednesday (5/27) includes some examples and definitions of the key components. Also, the logline is an aspect of the pitch that is listed as a separate component for us, but can be included in the cover letter or one-page synopsis.

PREZI for 5/27:

3) On Monday (6/1) each of you will be responsible for pitching at least two ideas to your fellow classmates, though it is best if you write loglines for multiple ideas (4 or more) so you can select your best options for the classroom pitch.

A good pitch should be short (1-3 sentences) and should introduce the main character and story in a way that entices your audience to want to know more. In addition to your logline, you should include some type of visual accompaniment (a logo, character portrait, a Google image that is relevant, etc). As an example, here is my pitch for the idea I discussed in class.


Logline: Extinct car models get a second life in the Jurassic Junkyard where they are repurposed as instruments of destruction for Dino Destruction Derby. Four Dinosaur friends form a rag-tag gang of car enthusiasts intent on winning the derby crown and toppling the reign of the evil Truck-o-Saurus.


Here is the assignment for Monday (6/1) as it is written in the Prezi.

1) Revisit your 4 ideas (old, new, borrowed, blue) or come up with new ones.

2) Develop a 1-3 sentence logline for (at least) four ideas.

3) Include an image for each (can be a logo, character portrait, Google image, etc)

4) You will pitch your two best ideas to your classmates on Monday.


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