Collaboration Comic: A Boy Named Sue


Hello all,

Your collaborative comic of A Boy Named Sue is coming together great. I wanted to put all the essential information together into this blog to help everyone finalize their work. I have reserved a computer lab in Calder Arts building (CAC 703) for our Wednesday (5/20) class so we can work on putting the comic into Comic Life. Information Technology is currently trying to determine how best to meet our software needs of having Comic Life available on all the computers.

Source Material:

Who is doing what:

  1. Sean Billsitz (1-3)
  2. Alondra Garner (4-5)
  3. Kyra Butler (6-7)
  4. Maddie Creutz (8-9)
  5. Quinn Pershon (10-11)
  6. Rasheed Alarabi (12)
  7. SiBre Williams (13)
  8. Elma Talundzic (14-15)

Here are the thumbnail layouts of the story as of today:



image5 image6 image7 image8 image9


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