Sean’s Assignment #3


The Story of Benjamin Sun, the Hilarious Comedian

Out of the Bottle Story

             Benjamin Sun, or as he likes to be called Ben, is your average college guy who often teeters on the border between hilarious and douchey. Making people laugh is what Ben does best. Your grandfather died? Your parents are getting a divorce? Ben always discovers a way to put a cynical twist on your problems and have you laughing away all your misery. But what happens when Ben’s blessing becomes a curse?

It is the last semester of his senior year at the University of Arizona, and his current grades wont have him graduating in the spring…and his girlfriend is becoming persistently pissed off at Ben for making the same penis joke when she talks about how much harder Ben needs to start working. When everyone from parents and professors to best friends and his long time girlfriend Chelsea start to abandon Ben ever getting his life and responsibilities together, Ben is outcast to be left alone with only his own thoughts, the worst form of torture. On a seemingly ordinary stormy night, while waiting for the bus to take him home the bar, Ben comes to the inebriated realization that he wishes he could “grow up” and live in a serious life in the “real world”. Just as Ben begins to cross the street to board the bus, an oncoming car hits him. When Ben wakes up in the hospital, he is astonished to realize that he is no longer Ben Sun, grade A douchebag and longtime funny man, he is now Benjamin Sun, the solemn telemarketing agent. Through a series of hard learned lessons and experiences in the real world, Benjamin learns that he is not ready to grow up, and his academics and relationships need to be taken more seriously if he wants to avoid the inevitable future of coming home to an empty apartment every night from a dull job as a telemarketer.


One thought on “Sean’s Assignment #3

  1. Great story Sean. I like your use of the Out of the Bottle plot to teach your funny but jerky comedian a lesson in normalcy. I’m reminded of the Robin Williams quote “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”


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