Assignment #3: Crafting Your Story


Today’s class revisited the characters created last week by asking you to think about the world, conflict, and possible antagonists for your ‘hero.’ The next step is choosing a plot and sketching out where the story could go.

Here is the Prezi link for Monday, 5/11:

Assignment 3: Trying on plots

  • Select one of your three plots (or a combination of elements based on feedback)
  • Fill out the beat sheet for the story (to guide your ideas)
  • Visualize three key parts of your story in a three-panel comic and post to the course blog

Example: I had the leftover character of Rijka Fray, the persistent maid.

image2I decided her plot should be an Out Of The Bottle story where she wishes she didn’t have to keep cleaning the same houses. While persistence is her primary trait, she wishes she could take a break. However, while cleaning an old wizard’s house, her wish is granted and all her houses become ‘self-cleaning.’ The trouble is, houses don’t always know what’s trash and what’s treasure.

rijkaEven with self-cleaning houses creating a messes instead of cleaning, Rijka is still out of a job. Eventually, the plot brings her back to her profession, but with a new job: cleaning up ‘possessed houses!’ Using her trademark persistence as her tool, she fixes the problem she created and realizes that her skills and persistence are what made her a good maid. Then the sequel: Rijka Fray: Spirit janitor!


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