Assignment #2, Elma


One of the genres that I am drawn to is comedy. I love humor and I think it is safe to say that most people do. Laughter is a common language that we all share and I think the genre, if done right, can allow for great stories to be told while tickling our funny bone at the same time. Two of my favorite movies in this genre are Bridesmaids and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

In Bridesmaids, the story follows Annie, a single woman (thesis) whose life is a utter mess. She has no money due to a business that didn’t take off, a job that she hates, and roommates that are hilarious but awful. The anti-thesis begins when Annie’s best friend, Lillian,  gets engaged and she is asked to be the maid of honor and must act as if everything is okay in her life. Annie is introduced to the rest of the colorful bridesmaids and is determined to make sure Lillian’s wedding will be perfect while her life is slowly unraveling at the seams. As her life begins to fall apart (synthesis) and Annie starts to ruin the relationships that she has built around her, she is forced to grow up and take control of her life again by acting like an adult. Everything must fall apart before it can come together again. She realizes that she cannot simply complain about the problems that plague her life and the lives of everyone else, she must stand and take action because life is hard.

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a young woman named Holly Golightly (thesis) lives a classy, lavish, and sexy life where she is always the center of the party. She lives on her own in an apartment that has never fully been unpacked with an orange cat with no name. The anti-thesis begins here when Paul Varjak, a struggling writer, moves into the same apartment building as Holly and is able to bring out the more vulnerable side of her. She has always managed her problems by running away from them and Paul is the first person in a long while who is able to keep her grounded. The synthesis is when Holly must come to terms with who she is and stop running away from her problems and fears. She worries that she will be caged in by those around her but she comes to realize that she is the one that has been locking herself up the whole time.

Both stories share the same idea of two young women on a path to self discovery. They both must learn to be more open with the people in their lives and learn to not run away from their problems. Although I’m not sure I will make my comic into a Rom/Com, I would definitely like to incorporate some humor!


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