Sierra’s Introduction

You can address me as SiBre, it’s easy to pronounce (Si-Bre). My government name is Sierra B. Williams, so you only imagine where the nickname came from, right? Well, if that wasn’t enough for you when I was younger there were a lot of Sierra’s, Kierra’s, Tierra’s and so many other Erra’s in each of my classes with different spelling but they all sounded the same. SiBre is unique its pretty and me cool because a lot of people think that’s my real name.
Less about my name and a reason why I am here at Grand Valley, I am majoring in Sociology while taking the prerequisites for the MCAT. Am I doing well, barely! Okay, I am doing okay but I am starting to think chemistry isn’t for me. But that’s a major problem because I have vision that I am going to become a doctor. As you all may know chemistry is a major part of that. So moving on to less depressing things…
Umm. Comics seem cool and amazing. I actually want to create a sweet one about my view on life and how I view people in it. As far as media, I enjoy television. My top three favorite shows are Criminal Minds, A Different World, and Family Feud. In reality I am all over the place. I highly dislike reality television. Fun Fact about my life, I just turned 20 on the 29th of April. In my mind, everyone is telling happy belated birthday. I mainly listen to hip hop music because it dope and the beats sound amazing in speakers. For the most part, it keeps me going.
Usually, I don’t get nervous about things because I am pretty realistic. But next school year is a different story. So, this little woman inside of my head told me to run for president of Alpha Phi Omega which a National Service Fraternity here on campus. Guess what? I did. And. I won. Did I think I was? No! Am I happy? Yes! Nervous? Hecky Yeah! But I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because people have high expectations of me. That’s not a problem, I just don’t want to let anymore down. And I really want to make a great positive impact on the organization, which is now my organization. Kind of weird, huh? I think so.
About my personality, I am quite but I love to crack jokes. I can be serious a lot of times but I rather be chill. I work well with others. That’s a natural effort, although I don’t know how because I am the only child and I spend a lot of time alone. Well, not really, as a child I did though. Now my time is spent with school, work, organizations and my boyfriend. I might look mean but if you say something I will have a response. I promise.
I hope enjoyed reading about me.

One thought on “Sierra’s Introduction

  1. Great introduction SiBri! Congratulations on becoming President of Alpha Phi Omega and for sharing the story of your name. I’m excited to see your sweet comic “about my view on life and how I view people in it.” It sounds like a great comic that will introduce others to your insights and personality.


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