Sean’s Introduction


Hey ya’ll, my full name is Sean Patrick Billisitz (bill-uh-sits), you’re welcome for the pronunciation 😉 but you can just call me Sean (sorry if that’s lame, I’ll gladly accept any cool nicknames other than the cliché Seany-boy). I’m 19 years young, entering my sophomore year at GV and studying Graphic Design with an emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations. I was born and raised in Indiana, and the only thing that I enjoyed about living in Indiana was that I was only an hour and a half drive away from Chicago :D, a city I spent much of time in attending concerts and music festivals with my friends.

Outside of class, I enjoy binge eating Cheez-Its and watching Netflix, but when the Wi-Fi network goes down for the third time in the day, you can find me outside playing soccer or long boarding with friends. I think that being super connected to social media and the news will help me bring relevant ideas and concepts to class that can relate to larger and more widespread controversies, otherwise I’m doomed.

Being an art major means two things; I’m somewhat weird and I can be very creative, I think both of those will help me design and bring ideas to class. No matter how many episodes I watched of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, I still had major moments of embarrassment during my early teenage years; maybe I’ll find a way to use those experiences in my creations. Worse comes to worse, I’ll make a comic about the time I snuck out of my house when I was ten and rode my bike nine miles to the nearest 7/11 because I wanted a Slushee.

Music is my biggest passion; I’ll listen to any genre except country music and whatever Iggy Azalea is classified as. Some of my favorite artists are All Time Low, Mayday Parade, WALKTHEMOON, and Childish Gambino. I also watch a lot of television and play a lot of video games. I’m more of a modern gamer, Call of Duty, Halo, but I also enjoy a friendly game of Mario Party, (and by friendly, I mean smacking the controller out of your hands when it comes to those mini-games that involve repeatedly pressing the A button).

As of right now, I have no idea what direction I want to head in with the creation of my comic, probably something crudely humorous. I’m excited to learn more about comics and also learn how to go about creating comics. I don’t read comics all too often, mostly when I was kid, but college has been stressing me out. I figured getting in touch with my weird and awkward middle-school self through a revival of interest in comics would be beneficial to my mental health.


One thought on “Sean’s Introduction

  1. Hello Sean. Thank you for the pronunciation help and for the introduction. It sounds like you have a lot of great material for comic ideas, especially humorous observations about social media, television, growing up, and/or music. Also, I would love to see a comic about “the time I snuck out of my house when I was ten and rode my bike nine miles to the nearest 7/11 because I wanted a Slushee.” It sounds like it could be a tale of adventure, a scary trek through the dark, or the perfect crime no one knew it was committed.


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