Maddie Creutz: Introduction



Hi everyone!

My name is Madison Creutz and I’m just going to keep the nickname theme going and tell y’all that mine is Maddie! Everyone calls me Maddie because that is how I introduce myself. Close friends and family call me Mads or Mad and some friends call me Pheebs because my name was Pheobe for three days after I was born and they think it’s funny to play on my infantile identity crisis…

I just graduated two weekends ago and it’s bittersweet to be on campus finishing up my last 7 credits. Bittersweet because I have had the most amazing experiences during my undergrad and I truly love Grand Valley as an institution, I don’t want to leave! Actually, I love the college atmosphere and academia so much, I want to become a college professor after eventually earning my PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. Before that, I will earn my Masters in Student Affairs and before THAT will be a year served in AmeriCorps (similar to Peace Corps but only in the US) starting in August. Sounds like I have it all together but…………..LOL.

My bachelors was in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Diversity in the Workforce. I am extremely passionate about every individuals right to their own authentic happiness which is why I claim the identity of an activist and advocate for social justice related issues. I do quite a bit of personal activism through conversation (word of mouth using presentation, leadership, facilitation and email as a means of this) as well as group activism with the Women’s Center where I interned this past academic year. My senior thesis research was focused on understanding how we can truly embrace diversity on college campuses as opposed to only tolerating it and this is connected to the picture I’ve attached to this post. This is a “doodle” I did during class last semester as we were discussing activism and what is means to be a radical activist. I could write pages on this (and have…ha) but I just wanted to share that doodle as a glimpse into the topic of the comics I will be creating in this course!

I feel that this course will teach me to look at my activist efforts in a different, more visually relatable way. Hopefully I can learn to use my interest in “doodling” as a serious, valid form of creative activism! I am excited to hear more about you all and to learn with you and from you in these 6 short weeks. See you Wednesday!


One thought on “Maddie Creutz: Introduction

  1. Welcome Maddie! It sounds like you’re going to be drawing inspiration from a lot of exciting areas (social/community activism, diversity in the workforce, interdisciplinary studies). Your idea of evolving your ‘doodles’ into comics sounds very exciting and there is a lot of potential in visualizing complex data/ideas as comics. I look forward to seeing how your ideas come together!


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