Elma The Balance Seeker


Balance Seeker

Hello, I’m Elma.

When parents name their children, they usually tend to pick a name with some sort of meaning behind it. Some name that’ll make people look at you and say “Ah yes, you definitely look like a ‘so and so’”. Perhaps they do this so their kids will look up to their names and feel driven to live up to those inspirational meanings like strength, bravery, or grace. Well, my name translates to apple. No, I’m not kidding. My parents named me after a fruit.

I was born in Bosnia and it’s a pretty common name there. Elma is not a direct translation from Bosnian; it’s actually the Turkish word for apple. Bosnia got a lot of its influence from the Ottoman Empire and I suppose that was one of the words that happened to trickle through.

I wanted to give that little story behind my name because I think it will aid in understanding my comic. You see, I consider myself a balance seeker (like most I’m sure) and I strive for balance in all aspects of my life. The apple in my comic is supposed to be a representation of myself and I suppose the scale is a representation of my life. I also drink a lot of coffee and tend to be a bit clumsy and awkward (hence the coffee spill). Coffee is a big part of Bosnian culture, and once again comes from Turkish traditions. When family comes over, when friends come over, when we are by ourselves, we drink coffee. It’s the way we come together and the way we relax, even with all that caffeine. My little bag in the comic is a symbol of all the things in my life that get me to that equilibrium that I seek. As you can see in the last panel, the scale isn’t quite balanced yet but it’s getting there.


One thought on “Elma The Balance Seeker

  1. Great introduction Alma. While being named after a fruit might frustrate some, you do a fantastic job using it to introduce yourself. Also, your use of facial expression in Panel 3 is great and I look forward to seeing more of your comic illustrations in the weeks to come.
    Also, who does your favorite coffee around here?


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