Some helpful comic resources


The internet is filled with examples, worksheets, and how-to’s for telling stories, but I wanted to start a collection of useful places to look. Also, be sure to update this post and/or add comments for other resources you find that might aid your fellow classmates.


Things to watch:

Scott McCloud talks comics at TED:


Things to read:

Applied Cartooning Manifesto: The World is Made Of Cheese

Don’t Write Comics: How to Write Comics Part 1:

Ursula Le Guin on where ideas come from:


Things to help you create:

A quick step-by-step guide to creating a comic:

Comic Life:




Story structure guide for comics:


Things to inspire you:

A fantastic example of a motion comic:

Lessons from Disney Animators:

Secret Master Plot generator exercise:


Class Presentations:

Day One Prezi (Introduction to Comics):


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