Assignment #1: You, meet class. Class, meet you

Comics, Education

Hello there,

The purpose of your first assignment is to introduce yourself to your fellow comic collaborators in 1-page (500ish words) and post it here. You can do anything you like: prose, poetry, images, illustrations, dialogue, and/or bullet points. You can use as many or as few words as you like.

Don’t like that much freedom? Here are a few things to consider including:

  • How would you like to be addressed in our class (name, nickname, handle, preferred inflection of ‘hey you,’ etc)?
  • What disciplines can you draw from (interests, major, classes, hobbies, family business, past lives, etc)?
  • What media do you currently consume (movies, books, comics, music, video games, blogs, children’s sidewalk chalk art, etc)?
  • Did you enter this class knowing what you wanted to create?

Post your introduction to this WordPress page by midnight (11:59pm) on Monday May 4th.

We should all read the introductions before our next class (12:59pm) on Wednesday May 6th.

Would you like to see an example? Consider my introduction (also posted to this WordPress page).



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